Our Mission

The "Agrupado" (congregant) mission is to follow in the Agrupación's motto; “Esto Vir” (1 Kings 2:2). Translated from Latin, it means: «be a man». Every person has the potential to excel at the particular vocation God has proposed each one. For an Agrupado, “Esto Vir” embodies the call of God, to become modern beacons of light for the World. Plant the seeds of Hope in exemplary lives that yield the spiritual salvation of the World. An Agrupado lives in the presence of our Lord, Jesus Christ. Congregantes are asked to fearlessly bear witness and testimony of Jesus Christ. Unsatisfied with an effortless existence, Agrupados strive for the Greater Glory of God, in the service of others. Founder Fr. Felipe Rey de Castro challenged the vision of the Agrupación with the following thought:

«…un Agrupado en cada primer puesto.» «…an Agrupado on every vanguard.»

Through their professional, personal and family duties, congregantes bring Christ to their fellows in a service disposition, with fulfillment and a balanced moral existence. The mission to evangelize through example is a unique belief best expressed in the ACU's mission statement:

Inspired in Ignatian spirituality, Agrupados are consecrated sons of the Virgin Mary, called to serve and defend the Catholic Church by individually and collectively influencing society in the teachings of Christ, through a balanced spiritual, professional, and apostolic life, for the Greater Glory of God.